RESQ Emergency Safety Hammer and Cutter

  • Vehicle emergency safety tool that includes:
  • Steel tipped window punch that shatters tempered glass
  • Ultra sharp serrated razor blade that safely slices through seat belts
  • Rubber handle for superior grip
SKU: 445-1


The ResQ Emergency Hammer is a lifesaving tool when exits become blocked or inaccessible. It offers a range of features that set it apart from other rescue hammers on the market.

Check out the standout features below:

Super Rubber Grip Handle: Specifically engineered to ensure a firm and secure hold, this grip is vital as it gives users the strength and power required for effective striking and cutting during emergencies.

Steel-Tipped Window Punch: Built to shatter tempered glass, like car windows or windshields, this window breaker allows for a quick escape from vehicles in emergency circumstances.

Serrated Razor Blade: The ultra-sharp serrated razor blade is seamlessly integrated to safely cut through seat belts. This is important as it helps passengers free themselves quickly from seatbelts that are jammed, tangled or broken.

Mounting Bracket: This bracket allows easy installation within arm’s reach inside the vehicle. Installing the hammer within the quick grasp of the driver or passenger ensures immediate access in emergencies.

Built-in Torch: The integrated torch within the handle is invaluable, especially in dark or low-light conditions such as mine sites or accidents occurring during night work. The torch can help workers navigate through dangerous situations and enhance the chances of rescue.

Sterling’s ResQ Emergency Hammer provides an all-in-one solution for worker safety on construction sites and emergency scenarios. This handy tool offers a higher level of security and is ready to make a difference in saving lives onsite.


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