RESQ Hammer: The ultimate emergency tool

If there’s one thing that all tradies, site managers, and supervisors can agree on is safety. They know how crucial it is to have safety precautions and gear in place to protect everyone and make sure they all get home safe after work.

When we talk about safety it means stuff like wearing personal protective equipment like hard hats, hi-vis, steel-toed boots and gloves. Other precautions include scaffolding, harnesses, safety signage, respiratory protection, first aid kits, alarms, and appropriate training and education especially when operating machinery and vehicles.

Accidents involving vehicles, such as excavators, tractors, bulldozers, utes, and trucks, most commonly result from collisions and rollovers. These incidents often occur due to reckless driving, lack of attention, uneven surfaces, and messy worksites.

According to Safe Work Australia in the Work-Related Traumatic Injury Fatalities Reportover five years from 2015 to 2019, there were 150 worker fatalities in the construction industry in Australia.

Out of the total of 150 reported incidents in the construction industry, 40 fatalities were associated with vehicles and other machinery. These accidents involved rolled vehicles, workers being trapped inside vehicles, and collisions involving vehicles.

Mobile plant and transport, which includes objects such as cars, tractors, and excavators, accounted for over half (54%) of fatalities over the last five years.

Photo credit: Work Safe QLD

In 2019, 72 machinery and vehicle operators were killed, accounting for the largest proportion (39%) of all worker fatalities by occupation.

These stats show that just relying on preventive measures might not fully stop accidents onsite. So, it’s a good idea to have a tool that could greatly increase a worker’s chance of getting out of a vehicle safely.

Sterling has introduced a new and improved rescue hammer that has enhanced safety measures that aim to provide optimum protection for not only workers on construction sites but for any individual that drives or operates a vehicle.

The ResQ Emergency Hammer is a lifesaving tool when exits become blocked or inaccessible. It offers a range of features that set it apart from other rescue hammers on the market.

Check out the standout features below:

Super Rubber Grip Handle: Specifically engineered to ensure a firm and secure hold, this grip is vital as it gives users the strength and power required for effective striking and cutting during emergencies.

Steel-Tipped Window Punch:  Built to shatter tempered glass, like car windows or windshields, this window breaker allows for a quick escape from vehicles in emergency circumstances.

Serrated Razor Blade: The ultra-sharp serrated razor blade is seamlessly integrated to safely cut through seat belts. This is important as it helps passengers free themselves quickly from seatbelts that are jammed, tangled or broken.

Mounting Bracket: This bracket allows easy installation within arm’s reach inside the vehicle. Installing the hammer within the quick grasp of the driver or passenger ensures immediate access in emergencies.

Built-in Torch: The integrated torch within the handle is invaluable, especially in dark or low-light conditions such as mine sites or accidents occurring during night work. The torch can help workers navigate through dangerous situations and enhance the chances of rescue.

Sterling’s ResQ Emergency Hammer provides an all-in-one solution for worker safety on construction sites and emergency scenarios. This handy tool offers a higher level of security and is ready to make a difference in saving lives onsite.