Get a tape that measures up! 

Having a solid and reliable measuring tape is a must-have for any tradie. Dealing with a tape that gives you wonky measurements, breaks easily, has faded
markings, or gets all bent out of shape can be super frustrating.

Plus, it can lead to some serious trouble if you end up taking the wrong measurements on a project. So, it’s important to steer clear of those headaches and get yourself a good tape that you can count on.

The Ultimax Pro EasyRead Tape Measure is an excellent measuring tool that offers top-notch readability and convenience specifically for professionals
and tradies.

What is EasyRead?

The standout of this measuring tape is the EasyRead feature specifically designed to enhance readability. With its double-sided, white printed blade, EasyRead ensures that measurements are easily visible and legible.

The vertical measurement markings incorporated into the blade make it incredibly convenient to use, eliminating any confusion or potential errors when reading distances.

One of the advantages of EasyRead is its effectiveness when the tape measure’s blade is positioned away from the user. Where it’s usually hard to see the numbers, the distinct markings ensure accurate measurements without any guesswork.

Other features include:

  • SuperBlade Technology: Allowing for an extended standout, the tape measure can reach great lengths while remaining rigid, making it ideal for
    long-distance measuring tasks.
  • Double-Sided Blade Printing: Double-sided blade with vertical measurement markings, which enhances ease of use and improves distance reading.
    The nylon coating on the blade adds durability and longevity to the tool.
  • Clear Metric Millimetre Markings: Specifically designed for metric measurements. It features clear and precise millimetre markings, ensuring accuracy
    in measurements.
  • High Impact-Resistant ABS Casing: Housed in a high impact-resistant ABS casing, which provides durability and protects the internal components.
    The casing also features a non-slip grip, ensuring a secure hold during use.
  • Strong End Hook: Equipped with a strong end hook that helps maintain a true zero reference point. This ensures accurate measurements and prevents
    any discrepancies or errors.
  • Reinforced 4 Rivet Dual-Hook with Magnet (or without): Built with a reinforced 4 rivet dual-hook that provides additional strength and durability.
    The dual-hook design allows for secure attachment to various surfaces.
  • Wide Blade: Wide blade enhances stability and reduces the risk of bending or flexing during measurements.
  • Superior Internal Mechanism: Ensures smooth operation and reliable performance. This mechanism enables effortless extension and retraction of the blade.
  • Layered SuperBlade for Maximum Durability: Layered SuperBlade construction enhances its durability and resistance to wear and tear. This construction
    ensures that the tape measure can withstand rigorous use in demanding work environments.

The Sterling Ultimax Pro EasyRead Tape Measure comes in 8m x 27mm and 10m x 27mm offering tradies and professionals a reliable, easy-to-use, and durable tool for precise and efficient measuring tasks.


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