About Us

A genuine edge, both literally and figuratively. Sterling instils confidence and reliability because of the precision and authentic quality of the products.

We’ve been developing and providing blades, cutters, and hand tools to the trades for decades, so we understand what it takes to get the job done right.

With precision cutting performance, genuine reliability, and long-lasting quality that’s hard to beat, Sterling gives you the cutting-edge advantage you need to tackle any onsite, industrial or at-home job.

Sterling is a brand of the fourth generation, Australian family-owned company, Sheffield Group, and is all about enhancing trade professionals’ capability with trustworthy no-fuss tools that get the job done.


A bit of history

In the 1970s, Sheffield Razor Company held the national contract to supply double-edged razor blades to the Australian Navy for soldiers to use as shavers. Once trimming and heavy-duty blades were introduced to the company’s repertoire it underwent some serious evolution with the business name changing to Sheffield Blades in 1985. While the name evolved, so too did the products. Knives and cutters were eventually added servicing other markets such as carpet laying, plasterboard, engineering, and industrial blades. Recognising great potential and the need for more exposure, the company developed ‘Sterling’ as a brand name in the early 90s, which soon snowballed into what it is today, an outperforming and exceling range of hand and cutting tool products servicing over 3000 distributors and stores Australia wide. Sheffield Blades now operating as Sheffield Group, continues to develop Sterling with the best quality and performance in mind, aligning with two of Sheffield’s core pillars, Products that Outperform and Culture of Care. From the professional who is using the tools every day, to the mum and dad renovating on the weekend; the valued independent distributor who is working hard to sell our products; the employee who spends hours packaging the blades; right up to the manufacturer who produces the blades on their grinding machines, we care for every one of them. At Sterling, we strive to provide an outstanding consumer experience meaning that every product must exceed the consumers expectations at each value point. The Sterling range is guaranteed to outperform because of our rigorous development and testing procedures. Every product is measured against the criteria: “Does it Outperform?″.

Sheffield Blades opened their first office in

Rydalmere, NSW in the 80s.

In 2000, Sheffield Blades made the move to Kotara, NSW

Once the business started to evolve and expand,

Sheffield Blades moved to Pendlebury Rd, Cardiff NSW in 2008

Sheffield Group is now located at a brand new modern

facility at 111 Munibung Rd, Boolaroo NSW